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ISEN | France

With nearly 1,500 students and 300 engineering degrees each year, ISEN (Institut Supérieur de l'Electronique et du Numérique) offers one of the top engineering school training programmes in the fields of electronics, information technology and telecommunications. Ten months of internships, 300 hours of projects, a scientific research centre and technology transfer activity make ISEN a partner in innovation for large companies and SMEs. On its three campuses in Lille, Brest, Toulon much interaction is conducted between the schools and the world of industry and services. Progressively invading the fields of everyday life, electronics, information technology, telecommunications and related areas require reliable professional skills. Engineers from ISEN possess true know-how and the means for updating them. In their role to achieve progress, they adapt to other techniques while demonstrating their creativity and imagination. Authorised by engineers Accreditation Board, the three campuses share one objective, that of training high-level specialists in the fields of the sciences and information technology. The curriculum is covered in five years of study. After two years of what is known as an integrated foundation course, the students follow two years of common study programme and then one year of specialisation (with approximately thirty options offered). ISEN prepares its students for geographic and cultural mobility. In order to be awarded, it is mandatory to have obtained the Cambridge First Certificate. In the last year of study, the ISEN engineering students are assisted by many university and industrial partnerships in order to carry out a year of study or a long-term internship abroad.

ISEN | France

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