Physics - Electrical Engineering | Bachelor's degree | Engineering & Technology | On Campus | California State University, Dominguez Hills | USA

Physics is the study of the natural world at its foundation. As such it is the basis of other disciplines such as biology, medicine, chemistry, computer science, geology, astronomy and engineering. Physicists study the world from the smallest particles of matter (quarks and leptons), nuclei, atoms, and molecules; through forces and motions which determine properties of solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas; to descriptions of the behavior of matter on all scales up to stars, galaxies, and even the origin and fate of the universe. The department encourages student-faculty interaction in all these areas. For the traditional physics baccalaureate degree, the department offers a General Physics Option, which provides access to advanced theoretical and technical careers. In addition, students may gain experience by participating in research projects (e.g. neutrino experiments, medical imaging, and nuclear physics). Since many physics majors find their niche in teaching, the department offers a Physical Science Option tailored to meet education standards and satisfy waiver requirements for a single subject teaching credential. The Physics faculty are committed to teaching excellence, and to teacher education in the sciences. The department provides essential laboratory hands-on experience in understanding and demonstrating science. For students intending to pursue graduate work or employment in Electrical Engineering, the department offers an Electrical Engineering option, intended to facilitate a seamless transition after graduation. An agreement in place with the CSU Fullerton College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science allows students to satisfy all of the course requirements for admission to an MS program at CSU Fullerton. The Electrical Engineering Option provides a broad understanding of physical principles and a solid preparation for advanced study in electrical engineering as well as theoretical and experimental physics including problem-solving. This

Physics - Electrical Engineering | Bachelor's degree | Engineering & Technology | On Campus | California State University, Dominguez Hills | USA

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