French/German (4 years) | Bachelor's degree | Languages | On Campus | 4 years | Cardiff University | United Kingdom

Our aim at the School of Modern Languages is to develop our students to become ‘global citizens’. Our graduates are highly skilled linguists with a comprehensive skillset which enables them to work in a host of careers and professions nationally and internationally. Our BA French and German programme (which has both beginner and post-A level entry points) allows you to develop very high-level language skills and to gain an in-depth understanding of French, Francophone and German-speaking culture. A year abroad spent working, studying or teaching in the French and German-speaking world hones your language, your intercultural skills and builds a valuable skill set for your cv in a job market thirsty for graduates with strong foreign language skills. French and German are major world languages which span the globe in their reach and use. French and German are official working languages of the European Union and of the United Nations. By studying French combined with German you will gain a wealth of transferable skills and knowledge beneficial to the world of employment, making you competitive and attractive in an increasingly international workforce and opening the doors to a variety of career paths. On completion of this four-year programme, you will have a high level of proficiency in both French and German language, as well as a critical understanding of key aspects of French Francophone and German-speaking history, culture, literature, politics and contemporary society, depending on your areas of specialisation.

French/German (4 years) | Bachelor's degree | Languages | On Campus | 4 years | Cardiff University | United Kingdom

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