Classics | Bachelor's degree | Humanities & Culture | On Campus | 3 years | Sapienza University of Rome | Italy

To study Classics means dealing with the people and society that have shaped Cultures, Languages andPolitics in the Western world. Artefacts and texts surviving from ancient Italy, Greece and other "Provinces" ofthe Roman Empire (Europe, Near East, North Africa) are still substantial and relevant markers in todayphysical and cultural landscapes all around Europe and Mediterranean.The study of Ancient Greek and Latin will allow you to read and understand the voice of the Classical world: poets, historians, dramatists, scientists, mathematicians, architects, lawyers, magistrates, rulers as well as craftsmen, peasants, bakers, masons, men and woman in their everyday lives. On the other hand, Archaeological tools, procedures and methods will enable you to reveal, perceive,reconstruct and communicate the material complexity of the changing structure of monuments, places and territories. Such a way of being engaged with and looking at Classics will reveal you the Past as a part of an historical process that influenced and continues to influence our present. Modern questions and present challenges are the best cultural access point to an "actual" knowledge, interpretation and dissemination of Greek and Roman Culture as a part of common Human Heritage. You will take over the methods of philology, art history, archaeology, law, pilosophy and science. All this will provide you all the necessary tools to understand the past and move easily between the two cultures that merged under the insignia of the Roman Empire.

Classics | Bachelor's degree | Humanities & Culture | On Campus | 3 years | Sapienza University of Rome | Italy

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