Law with Accounting and Finance | Bachelor's degree | Law | On Campus | 3 years | Bangor University | United Kingdom

Law affects all of our lives and the knowledge of law increases our understanding of the society and the world in which we live. These course programs provide a quality education in Law, or in Law combined with another discipline, to promote such an awareness and to allow those who so wish, to progress to careers in the legal professions. You can combine the study of Law with a range of subjects. Approximately two-thirds of the curriculum will focus on Law and one-third on the other subject. All are LLB degrees and all have been accredited by the Law Society and the Bar Council as Qualifying Law Degrees (QLD). This status denotes that Bangor LLB graduates have completed the academic stage of training for the legal professions in England and Wales, and may enter directly onto Legal Practice Courses (LPC) to become solicitors or the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) to become barristers. Combining Law with Accounting and Finance in a Qualifying Law Degree enables you to develop a range of expertise and skills relevant to today’s commercial world. It offers key business skills for those who choose to enter legal practice and who need to manage their own businesses and respond effectively to the business problems of their clients. In response to recent corporate scandals there is an increasing demand for lawyers with accounting and auditing skills that can engage in corporate scrutiny and corporate reconstruction. The accounting element of the degree introduces you to both internal and external auditing, and lawyers with these additional skills will be very suitable candidates for employment in these lucrative areas of law. In addition it offers excellent preparation for future professional exams for legal and allied professions, and in some cases can lead to professional exemptions.

Law with Accounting and Finance | Bachelor's degree | Law | On Campus | 3 years | Bangor University | United Kingdom

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