Medical Sciences (MPhil) | Master's degree | Health & Well-Being | On Campus | Bangor University | United Kingdom

Medical Sciences with specialisations in: Rheumatic diseases Inflammatory arthritis Systemic lupus erythematosus Behavioural neurology Sensorimotor integration (on eye and limb movements) Higher order sensory processing Neuro-ophthalmology Neuro-rehabilitation Cardiac imaging using fMRI Developing the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Rendering Effects of antipsychotic medication on neutrophil morphology and oxidative stress Use of Quantitive Structural Activity Relations in cellular responses to antipsychotics History of Medicine Parkinson’s disease Dementia and neurodegenerative diseases Evidence based healthcare Translation of research evidence to practice Patient reported outcome following hip replacement surgery Smell and taste pathophysiology, assessment and management Assessment of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Transnasal fibreoptic flexible laryngo oesophagoscopy Dizziness assessment and treatment Catabolic effects of rheumatic diseases and effect on muscle mass and function Autoimmune rheumatic diseases - prognosis, and assessment of treatment Assessment of novel anti rheumatic treatment Respiratory Medicine Orthopaedic surgery Sports and exercise medicine Cardiac imaging and intervention Cortical processes and cardiovascular output Cardiology and nuclear medicine Clinical research into the assessment and development of new anti-cancer drugs Assessment of the effects of chemotherapy Intensive care medicine Chronic disease patient care Cardio-vascular risk factors in the severely mentally ill Genetic predictors of antidepressant response Mental illness in primary care patients Diabetes and vascular disease Basic Medical Research: The genetics and molecular aeteology of cancer development / oncogenesis Molecular mechanisms of disease related DNA repair pathways The molecular basis of the cell division cycle (using human cells and model systems) The molecular basis of cancer drug resistance Molecular mechanisms of chromosomal translocations Molecular regulatio

Medical Sciences (MPhil) | Master's degree | Health & Well-Being | On Campus | Bangor University | United Kingdom

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